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I have a specialized hoarding cleanup arrangement. Click here and read about it.

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Los Angeles hoarding cleanup begins when the hoarder acts on a positive image of their home. Rather than continue living with the frustration of clutter and debris, they decide to call a professional hoarding cleanup company. One hoarding cleanup service I've marketed describes how hoarders inherit their behavior generation to generation. Other hoarder cleanup companies found at hoarding cleanup directory have more information about hoarding cleanup . There are differences between hoarding and cluttering.

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Eddie's Hoarding Cleanup


By the time committed hoarders reach my hoarding cleanup web sites they think they really need a biohazard cleanup company. As anxious as callers become about the state of their home's hoarding problems, these problems rarely rise to a biohazard cleanup.

Some Los Angeles hoarder cleanup jobs do rise to the level of infectious waste hazards, but these I convert quickly. Converting hazardous, infectious conditions in a hoarding cleanup requires some material removal. Once the offend materials come out, a quick decontamination returns the hoarder's house to a safer, biological condition.

When I receive a hoarding cleanup telephone call from this web site or others like it, I ask questions.

  • Are neighbors aware of hoarding?
  • Are animals involved?
  • Does the electricity work?
  • Does the water work?
  • Has the health department troubled you?
  • How long has this home been a hoarder' home?
  • How many cluttered or soiled rooms.
  • How many bathrooms cluttered?
  • Is there an upstairs?
  • Is there a basement
  • How will you pay?
  • Are neighbors in need of hoarding cleanup?


Clutter begets Hoarding

Do you have a plan for keeping clutter down in the future? This question often catches my callers off-guard. They become so anxious about getting rid of their hoarded goods they forget the future. Many have yet to consider how to keep clutter out of their lives. Clutter begets hoarding.

Usually there's emotional baggage along with the many thousands of pounds of hoarded goods, the real baggage. Hoarding slowly grows as duplicate items, duplicate objects become part of the "clutter." Then they're said to be "hoarded." Once a Los Angeles hoarder identifies their hoarding cleanup needs, I'm ready to help. There's nothing I can do about the emotional baggage related to hoarding cleanup. "Stop the clutter behavior first. Put stuff away now."

Sometimes when a hoarder calls and their funds will not cover my fee, I help with recommendations. Usually I say, "get something to eat. Drink lots of water, and then start picking up and discarding stuff."

This advice I follow myself in my own cluttered home and my clutter client's home. That's it.

Get Moving --

"That's easy enough to say," I been told, and it comes out very easily. Get moving and don't stop for hours. This advice works every time I enter a cluttered home and say, "Where do I begin?". The truth shows me the way, I begin where I place my hands.

Time --

I promise myself this: Try not to touch the same item twice. If I need to move something twice, I'm losing time, money. Never touch the same item more than twice. Touching any item more than twice means poor attention to detail. Poor planing, too much day dreaming.

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Day Dreaming - -

Now that I've said the "day dreaming" phrase, it's day dreaming that leads many to need my hoarding cleanup service. That's fine. Daydreaming works wonders for us. In fact, there are emotions in self-hypnosis that match those conjured up during daydreaming. The problem with daydreaming arises when it occurs too often, too long, at a bad time, or as a stand-in for what ought to fill-in as cold, hard, critical thinking. So we finally need hoarding cleanup.


Critical Thinking -- Making decisions and destroying --

We need cold, hard, critical thinking when it comes time to declaring what we need and what we want. Sometimes what we want helps us along. Besides, every now-and-then what we want helps us move down the trail a little more lively, a little more stylish. That's life in Los Angeles I've seen this with some of my friends. They bought what they wanted, not what they really needed. residents need to become more critical about purchases and saving money.

As time passed what they wanted did take on a honest-to-goodness value they could not be without. And so be it. Musical instruments, great novels, a special pair of shoes, these wants make sense in a house without clutter. It's adding what we want, don't need, to a house full of clutter that makes no sense, lacks critical thinking.

We need to ask ourselves, "Do I really need this?". "How will it make my life easier, brighter, or happier?" Begin asking whatever critical questions that come to mind. If you do not have hard, cold answers in favor of adding another widget to your cluttered house of widgets, don't add another. What's to lose, anyway?

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Society placed a value on something you want. More than likely some sort of tricky advertisement lead you to think you really need what you will not use. More than likely if someone sees what you bought on impulse because of commercial advertising, they will think its silly or stupid or dumb. Then where will your emotional state lead you?

Whatever you buy today out of a feeling of want, becomes something else to consider for hoarding cleanup workers. Perhaps you feel a link to the past when you buy something your friends and relatives bought. It's easy enough to see how stuff becomes part of a pair-bond in this way. After all, Uncle Jimmy bought one so you bought one. Now you don't need it; it's in the way, and every time you pick it up and move it you wonder why you put up with it. Get rid of it, Los Angeles has trash pickup.

Getting rid of clutter and other hoarder stuff does not remove the past or in any way alter the past. It's the memories of the past that we must keep. It's not the junk of the past that we must keep

If you find a need for biohazard cleanup visit my web site. It's one of my first and a flagship web site for blood cleanup as well as other death cleanup web sites. Sometimes Orange County hoarding cleanup leads to suicide cleanup once work begins. This happens because suicide often occurs as unattended deaths. These require decomposition cleanup too. Hoarding cleanup has many unknowns in these ways, even in Los Angeles. .

Orange County suicide cleanup has information about cleaning, too.


Differences between Hoarding and Cluttering --

Does it matter if we become hoarders or clutterers?

It matters only if we care to live in diminishing home space from worthless stuff or valuable stuff. It matters if we care to change your behavior or carry on as before. Hoarding behavior has more psychological baggage attached to it than clutter behavior.

Hoarding includes clutter, but not all clutter reflects hoarding. Hoarders tend to hoard worthless stuff. They may also organize worthless stuff in meticulous detail. Hoarding cleanup usually involves a partial or total move out because hoarders hoard worthless stuff, like empty cat food cans, rotten food, canned foods too old to use, and so forth; a schizophrenic hoarder may even hoard used toilet paper.

Clatterers clutter with stuff of some value. Cluttering cleanup may involve rearranging clutter into organized lots; clutter cleanup may involve disposing of some clutter, and cluttering behavior may change with a greater focus on storing, opposed to tossing stuff. A cluttering person think for an instant when there's something of value in their hands: "I'll put this away later."

Call me any time to help with your hoarding cleanup problems.


First Hoarding Job

I did my first hoarding cleaning job as a very young boy. One of our neighbors had a hoarding problem and their son played baseball with all the kids. When his father suffered a near-fatal injury at work, some of us came to his house.

Once in we saw for ourselves what "hoarding" means. Well, "clutter" would also cover the presenting issues. On a whim all the kids decided to straighten out the clutter and bring an end to the confusing sight creating by indiscriminate hoarding. In a few hours we had every room shipshape. We were pleased, and my friend's parents were embarrassed, I learned later.

That's how I learned about hoarding cleanup and cluttered houses. Decades passed before I returned to hoarding cleanup as a professional biohazard cleaner. Hoarding cleaning needs create embarrassment for those in the hoarding cleanup market. As a consequence I keep hoarding cleanup web sites available for different cities.

So before long you may stumble across a number of my web sites. I do not do this to annoy people. Marketing with many web sites in for hoarding cleanup work became a necessity for me because of local government corruption. You can read about my trial and burdens at Eddie Evans hoariding cleanup.


I Hoard Too.

I became a hoarder before I knew what hit me. Before long my desk, my garage, and my backyard were covered with junk I do not need. Books in my home take up more space than anything else. I finally realized that I would never live long enough to read all of my books, great books that they are. Like others I'm hoarding stuff with little or no value to anyone. Slowly I throw stuff out and I seem to be gaining ground.

So I know that many other people in hoarding cleanup work have too much junk in their lives and need help getting in order. Sooner than we know hoarding controls our indoor lives at home. Now don't get me wrong. I admit to having a hoarder gene inside me, a hoarding instinct, maybe. That's genetic possibility. But, I do hoarding cleanup very well. You see, it's easy throwing other people's stuff out, not my own.

Hoarding cleanup takes many hours once it gets a foothold over our lives. We hoard as our emotions kick in. As we grow older we accumulate more stuff with emotional baggage attached to it.

We inherit property from older folks and these older folks have special standing in our lives. We see this more and more in Los Angeles. As a result everything once theirs and now ours belong to our memories of them. It's hard to give memories away. So we finally call a hoarding cleanup company for help.

But do we need really head help?

As a consequence we end up living in a giant mess that only a professional hoarding cleanup company might hope to clean. Hoarding cleanup companies have no attachment to those special items so important to us. It's easy for them to throw out Uncle Frank's first-base glove. Gads!

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One Day or a Week

Hoarding cleanup may take hours or days depending on my client's cleaning wishes. If you have the time and money, I have the cleaning. Since I'm local and I can clean alone when needed, it's really not much of a choir to return to a hoarding cleaning site and do some touching up. Sometimes this return helps because I do not have help standing in the way. I can move cleaning equipment around.


Hoarding comes to us from inside

We reflect the world we come from. If our parents were hoarders, the odds are that we become hoarders. Out of three children in my family, I became the hoarder. I'm the only male too. My youngest sister proved the sloppier of the two girls. My oldest sister was miss super type A personality. Everything had a place and everything was in its place, or else.

Since my big sister didn't become a dictator of our county as I feared, I'm OK with my hoarding cleanup business. She doesn't care. In the summer hoarding cleanup becomes a hot and sticky affair. It's nice to get moving early in the morning.

My multiple web sites help to keep me busy in the warm months. I market my hoarding cleaning businesses with my biohazard leanup business, too. Because I do more than just hoarding house cleanup and biohazard cleanup, I market my crime scene cleanup business and its sister sites. Yes, poop and feces cleanup.

When it comes to hoarding cleaning I provide a good service for a good price.

By hoarding cleanup web site's "sisters" I mean suicide xleanup and death cleanup. These help to fight local corruption in the coroner's department.

If you wonder what any of this has to do with hoarding cleaning, there are connections. At times deaths occur in hoarder homes, especially unattended deaths among the elderly.


Solving Our Hoarding Problem

I'm going off the deep end to cure my hoarding problem. I'll save the details for another web site, which I shall point to. See my Hoarding Links Page.Solving the hoarding problem belongs to those of us with an urge to keep stuff. "You never know what's going to come in handy," I always say.

Then I when I need something handy it's not anywhere around. Many times I enter homes for death cleanup service and find tons of junk. I think to myself, "This house resembles my garage and desk."I know I'm learning something from the deceased.If my wife ever lays the law down I lose my many widgets, wherever I might have placed them.

Life for those with a gift for living with less has a spartan life-style worthy of imitation. But it's like losing weight. Wishing it away does not work. Walk and lose fat. Stop buying junk or continue hoarding and cluttering.My last hoarding cleanup job lead to a decomposition resulting from a suicide. The caller gave the hoarding issue top play, leaving out the death scene cleanup.

Story Telling as Therapy

Maybe describing more than hoarding behavior goes too far for story telling.For those in need of my sewage cleanup business, I keep a Water Cleanup Directory. Not many companies have signed on, but this should change with time. I did see that water sewage cleanup neets are met.



When we talk a bout hoarding cleanup we also use the term "de-clutter" even though it is not made it into the Oxford dictionary, yet. This term de-clutter suggests that it's only a matter of time before we have a semi-official definition for it. Just like hoarding cleanup, would have an official designation so too will the clutter.

Already we find articles and books with titles using this term as a verb. Tips and tricks and how to get and stay organized become the topic of many pulp magazines.

Popular fiction and TV commercials offer comments by professionals and specialists in the field of "clutteralojust" as if they were sociologist or psychologist. They gain intellectual weight when they begin to use terms like "self-esteem," "self-image," and other terms relating to the self in everyday society. Is it any wonder then that hoarding cleanup became a nationwide sensation when hoarding cleanup companies entered extreme hoarding conditions?

The verb “declutter” has not yet made it into the Oxford English Dictionary, but its ever-increasing usage suggests that it’s only a matter of time. Articles containing tips and tricks on how to get organized cover magazine pages and pop up in Los Angeles TV programs and commercials; clutter professionals and specialists referred to as “clutterologists” are just a phone call away. Everywhere the sentiment is the same: clutter is bad.

In The Hoarders, Scott Herring provides an in-depth examination of how modern hoarders came into being, from their onset in the late 1930s to the present day. He finds that both the idea of organization and the role of the clutterologist are deeply ingrained in our culture, and that there is a fine line between clutter and deviance in America. Herring introduces us to Jill, whose countertops are piled high with decaying food and whose cabinets are overrun with purchases, while the fly strips hanging from her ceiling are arguably more fly than strip.

When Jill spots a decomposing pumpkin about to be jettisoned, she stops, seeing in the rotting, squalid vegetable a special treasure. “I’ve never seen one quite like this before,” she says, and looks to see if any seeds remain. It is from moments like these that Herring builds his questions: What counts as an acceptable material life—and who decides? Is hoarding some sort of inherent deviation of the mind, or a recent historical phenomenon grounded in changing material cultures?

Explaining that hoarders attract attention not because they are mentally ill but because they challenge normal modes of material relations. Piled high with detailed and, at times, disturbing descriptions of uncleanliness, The Hoarders delivers a sweeping and fascinating history of hoarding that will cause us all to reconsider how we view these accumulators of clutter.

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Filth Removal

By "filth" I mean the real stuff: Poop, animal soaked fabrics, bacteria-laden kitchens and bathrooms, unkempt floors and other areas capable of harboring infectious waste. It's the sort of stuff most of us understand when we see it. If seeing is not enough, its odor removes any doubt. For this I charge to remove.

Yes, I also do blood cleanup and decomposition cleanup following homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths.



Specialized Hoarding Cleanup

If you are in a hurry, I am not your guy.

I do not use a crew for hoarding cleanup. Of course I save you money as a result. I do small and large hoarding cleanup jobs alone. This means that anyone in need of a quick hoarding cleanup has litle use for my services.

Those who may benefit from my one-man hoarding cleanup business may fall into any of these situations:

  • Need to save money
  • Empty house
  • Death cleanup with hoarding cleanup empty house
  • Temporarily empty house
  • Need a partial hoarding cleanup

Here's a description of a hoarding cleanup with an unattended death cleanup that I did in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The decedant passed away in his second floor bedroom. After the death cleanup I went to work on hoarding issues. All room of this four bedroom home contained hoarded materials. In two bedrooms, the waist reached the bedroom door handles as tossed on the bedroom floor over years. No footpath to a sendond bathroom or the bedroom closets remained.

The two remaining bedrooms were heavily cluttered too. The death scene room's clutter allowed for walking to the bed and toilet. The other bedroom's wasist stood as high as 6 feet in roughly 60 percent of the room. A small aisle allowed walking between the piles of hoarded materials.

Many alcoholic bottles and pizza boxes littered this home. Apparently, the decedent ordered pizza frequently.

The job included cleaning out the refrigerator, which had remained without electricty for an unknown period of time. It's mold content required removal to the backyard to open, dispose of the waste, and clean out mold.

This could have been in Los Angeles.

Other jobs in both Nevada and California required days to complete. Others in California required one to two days to complete. It's always a question of the amount of solid waste the family, responsible party, needs removed.

Most often the responsible party rents a roll-off dumpster for disposal of the waste; otherwise, costs become prohibitive. (return)

Ancient Hoarders

I'm certain that humanity's hoarding behavior goes back to the beginning of our first thoughts: MINE!

That "mine" idea probably sprang through caves or villages quicker than any other ideas. Everything "mine" found a special place, probably a hiding place. For certain the kids hid stuff from the bigger males because they had to. I can see it now. The first hoarders were tiny kids hiding their newly found stuff behind trees and under bushes.

Stuff for both women and children most probably meant food. In his book about Lucy, a 4 million year old skeleton, a paleontologist named Johansen surmises that critters learned deception first because they had to. This meant hiding valuable from others for the sake of defeating starvation.

The big guys hoarded too, but for them hoarding may have meant adding to their romantic powers. Imagine the first women admiring men for the hoarded goods. Filth cleanup in those days didn't last long I bet. In fact, I'll bet the critters ran off with hoarded stuff most of the time.

After all, unless you have doors and windows, what's to keep the critters from hoarding your hoarded goodies?

I see hoarding cleaning becoming an issue with the Kings and the rest of the aristocracy, the ruling class. As they took the peasants hoarded goods, you can bet they hoarded anything not growing out of the ground.

In fact, they hoarded the crops as we find in the sacred texts of the Judeo-Christian-Muslem Religions. Patriarchs, princes, princesses, barons, dukes, and the rest hoarded and finally needed hoarding protection. Some historians from the political economy side of scholarship call these goods "surplus value."

These days hoarding cleaning requires special tools, like wheelbarrows, rakes, shovels, and carpet cutters. Filth cleaning became an art because time means money.

Hoarding comes to us from inside.

We reflect the world we come from. If our parents were hoarders, the odds are that we become hoarders. Out of three children in my family, I became the hoarder. I'm the only male too. My youngest sister proved the sloppier of the two girls. My oldest sister was miss super type A personality. Everything had a place and everything was in its place, or else.

Since my big sister didn't become a dictator of our county as I feared, I'm OK with my Los Angeles hoarding cleaning business. In the summer hoarding cleaning becomes a hot and sticky affair. It's nice to get moving early in the morning. My multiple web sites help to keep me busy in the warm months. I market my hoarding cleaning businesses with my Los Angeles Biohazard Cleanup, business too. Because I do more than just hoarding house cleanup and biohazard cleanup, I market my Los Angeles Crime Scene Cleanup business and its sisters. When it comes to Los Angeles hoarding cleaning I provide a good service for a good price.

Positive Self-Image

When we think of a hoarding cleanup we might also think of the positive self-image cleanup or enhancement. Because that's what's going on inside the client's mind, a change in their self-image. Their self-image changes from being the victim of their own hoarding compulsion to one of a more organized and self disciplined person. If they read these lines they might put some thought to this idea in their mind:

Before I start my next action, act, movement, or behavior, I will put whatever I'm using where it belongs and nowhere else. In this way it will not become part of a hoarding cleanup by first becoming clutter.

With these mental exercises the order exorcises their habit of putting off until later when they ought to do now. And what they ought to do now is keep control over each of their actions, which means taking self-control of their own behavior.


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