Los Angeles County Blood Cleanup Narrative

February 13, 2020


I'm Eddie Evans and I've been in the Los Angeles County blood cleanup service for over 17 years. I also use the Eddie Evans biohazard cleanup web site for the same and similar blood cleanup information.

If you or someone you know has experience the homicide, suicide, unattended death or other type of traumatic blood loss in your home, and you need to do the blood cleanup yourself, you may find some information here value.

This is a very long, boring, and tedious Los Angeles County blood cleanup narrative. It does, however, provide some suggestions about blood cleanup in Los Angeles County homes and businesses. Although some Los Angeles County blood cleanup companies may claim that family members cannot cleanup blood of a loved one following a homicide, suicide, or unattended death, they are wrong.

We do not yet live in a fascist state. When we do, then this rule may be so, but at the moment were still free to cleanup blood as we always have been throughout the history of humanity. I don't see any Los Angeles County corporate sponsored politicians invoking such rules, yet. Cutting to the chase, follow this link to the below material suggestions which come with cleaning tips.

You don't need everything here for blood cleanup, but it's helpful to have as many of these items as possible. You may even have better items handy. What you find are simple suggestions so that you can apply, which is basically what anybody else uses, their experience and product knowledge.

Big Tip - Blood Cleanup Cleaning Crew or Solo Cleaner

I do Los Angeles County blood cleanup for families and businesses for hundreds of dollars rather than thousands of dollars like my Los Angeles County competitors. The reason I get by with charging hundreds of dollars is that I have no employees. I also happen to guarantee my work. So if you need me to come back to clean, I will without question.

I have no employees. I have no Workmen's Compensation insurance to pay, no Social Security to pay, no 401(k) to pay, no vacation pay to fork over, no sick leave pay to fork over, and no training costs. Medical insurance for employees can cost as much a $6000 by the way. So you can pay my competitors' employees benefits for their sake, or you can pay me. The choice is yours.

Here are some ideas to consider when hiring a Los Angeles County blood cleanup company when it comes to a solo blood cleanup practitioner like myself or blood cleanup crew.

A Los Angeles County Cleaning Crew

A cleaning crew can get the job done much more quickly than myself, although in the case of homeowners insurance, it's to my competitors advantage to charge more hours for their blood cleanup services. So where a cleaning group can get a job done in 2 to 3 hours, it may take an entire day not too days.

A Solo Los Angeles County Cleaner

A solo Los Angeles County blood cleanup practitioner like myself will take more time than a crew if the crew has no interest in wasting time for the benefit of a heftier invoice.

However, most Los Angeles County blood cleanup work takes less than eight hours when done by a single what cleanup practitioner like myself. There are times when a shotgun suicide may require more than eight hours and, in such cases, may even include painting an entire bedroom. A crew comes in very handy at such times. Otherwise, a Solo cleaner gets the job done in less than a day anyway. Sometimes only a few hours are required. So why pay for a crew when a Solo cleaner will do the job?

A Los Angeles County crew creates a scene, and this may be important to a family or business interest. Perhaps it's better to avoid attracting attention. A Solo cleaner tracks little attention. Or at least, a Solo cleaner does not attract attention like a biohazard cleanup crew will do. (return)

Who makes the laws related to blood cleanup in, Los Angeles County, California?

When it comes to blood cleanup, we look to both the federal government Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the California State Occupational Safety and Health Administration (CAL-OSHA). And in turn, these governmental agencies find their technical information in the biohazard research work carried out by The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia. It is the Centers for Disease Control that found blood-borne pathogens in human blood pick and spread quickly enough by way of sexual contact or blood transfusion. Of course, intravenous drug users often have responsibility for passing along these pathogens in the case of hepatitis C and human immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV). These diseases now account for hundreds of deaths among medical practitioners in the United States and throughout the world. Needlestick is the most common cause of death among these workers because of the blood-borne pathogens.

So, as a result, the federal OSHA and California OSHA require that all employees anticipated to work with human blood or, in some way, anticipate coming near human blood must have blood-borne pathogen training. This training is available online for about $20 and either Google, Bing, Mariana.

What is essential to keep in mind that these regulations apply to employers and not individuals cleaning up blood who belong to a family in need of a blood cleanup practitioner. So family members are not required to have blood-borne pathogens in the state of California or anywhere else in the United States. This is important to remember when a Los Angeles County blood cleanup company says that you cannot clean up the blood in your own home. Although they no longer say that you cannot clean up putting your own home as frequently as in the past, some companies continued to do so as you strong-armed tactics to sell their services. There was say almost anything to get your homeowners' insurance. It is there that the great scam begins.

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Some Los Angeles County biohazard cleanup practitioners flush part of a human scalp from an unattended death down the toilet. I suppose in huge hairball cases; this could become a problem for toilet drainage. More though, you probably want to use paper towels, and by the time you finish with blood cleanup soaking up blood with paper towels, you may have many paper towels to flush down the toilet. So don't.

Use your plastic bags and duct tape or gorilla tape. You use the bag to place your bloody towels, as well as anything else soiled by human blood. In these bags, you can place bleach, in which case you will need to use triple-bagged protection.

Ask yourself, "What am I going to do with this stuff when done with it?".

Before you begin work, be sure you call your local sanitary landfill. Tell about your bags and ask if you can make a special arrangement to dispose of the material. Most government funded Los Angeles County sanitary landfills will allow you to dispose of soiled material as long as it is well packaged. They may allow you to make a special delivery. It helps to cover the waste for safety.

When your local landfill refuses to take your blood soiled matter, search the Internet for a biohazard transporter.

In any case, think about what you're going to do before you begin. Now, consider some of the tools and equipment, cleaning solutions you need for blood cleanup work in your own home.

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Blood Cleanup List.

I prefer to know beforehand where I can walk in a room so as not to track blood from one area of the floor to another. Likewise, I like to see that I have clear access should I need to remove bulky furnishings like mattresses, couches, loveseats, and other heavy objects.

Because blood cleanup require different tools and approaches, I like to plan on which tools and chemicals all need before it began. I also want to have what I call a "safe zone," where I can place my tools and equipment. Likewise, I like to have a bathroom that I can use to wash my hands.

Having the right tools, equipment, and cleaning solutions helps expedite blood cleanup work as well as Lynn to the safety of the overall cleaning experience. Below I list some of the material that I use for death cleanup in general:


Rubber Gloves

Probably the single most used protective garment in the blood cleanup business consists of a wide variety of rubber and plastic lives. Hospitals, medical clinics, dental offices, and others involved in the care of human beings use such. Naturally, during blood cleanup, we want to wear gloves to protect ourselves. We do not want the blood to saturate our gloves as we work, and that's why we wear rubber gloves or at least some sort of latex at least.

At times it may be okay to wear cotton gloves that are thick for moving furnishings and other heavy objects. Overall though, it's the protection against blood and OPIM that counts. We can also for rubbing alcohol over these clubs to clean them during and after blood cleanup work.

Nose protection like eye and mouth protection should be part of your blood cleanup outfit because I make sure that I cover my nose whenever cleaning up human blood. Most likely knows protection helps to dissuade us from touching our face with bloodied gloves when doing blood cleanup.

The untrained nose may find difficulty in working around blood and death orders anyway. So whenever using nose protection, it might be helpful for the novice to place a tiny bit of Vaseline upon the fabric surrounding their nose. Some people are known to place fix under their nose above their lip to help cut these orders. Of course, eventually were going to have to smell these orders unless wearing a respirator with the proper filters, and the proper filter for cutting order urine blood cleanup is a charcoal filter.

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Blood and Death Odors

Few subjects related to a death scene and blood cleanup match the sincerity of discussions about these odors. We seem to have an inborn dislike for the blood fragrance and go to great distances to remove it from our environment if not to cover it up. Think about standing at the front door of your local supermarket moments before the door opens the first time in the morning. Odors from the fish and meat department permeate the air.

These odors are also apparent when walking by the meat department. We fail to make the connection between these odors and blood during these moments in which our minds are somewhere else. But bring death odors or blood odors into a home or business environment, and we know right away we don't like the smell.

Removing source material from the environment is the one sure way of removing blood and death odors. Yes, we can clean and hope these odors will go away, and they will. Still, without removing all of the source material, these odors will dwell.

Also, when blood and death odors permeate a room or even a building, and the source material remains in place for long periods, like days, weeks, and even months, these orders may and often will permeate cellular materials, both human-made and natural. Such human-made materials like carpet pad and will hold these odors. Natural substances like cotton T-shirts will also keep the order. So beds, couches, carpet padding, and even wood and furniture like tables, chairs, and cabinets will hold the order following fermentation.

It then becomes a question of how long these odors remain following source material removal. Then, blood odor's permeation of cellular materials takes time to air out. Airing out blood odors take days, even weeks. So without ventilation, blood odors remain for too long. Los Angeles County temperature and source materials have a significant influence on blood odors, then. Of course, you do not want so much moving air that it disrupts the cleaning process. For example, you don't wish to personal papers or even newspapers blowing about a room of doing blood cleanup. It is a good idea the get fresh air into the building as soon as possible.

With that said, it's also essential to keep the room cold and, if possible, lowering air-conditioning while waiting for a blood cleanup practitioner to show up.

I once removed a lounge chair from a third-floor apartment in Green River, Colorado, in which an elderly lady had died and remained in the chair for a week. The chair had very little odor because the room froze cold after her death.

One late spring night, early fall night, this elderly lady sat in her lounge chair in front of an open window. As she watched television, she quietly passed away. She remained there unnoticed for days in her freezing apartment. Then when found, the call for an unattended death cleanup one out. The apartment complex paid me to remove the chair, and I did so quickly and quietly. The point is that the chair had very little order and no straying from its deceased occupant.

What happened as the lady sat watching television is that the weather changed quickly at about the time of her death. So where the day had been warm enough to leave a window open for ventilation, the snowstorm arrived, and the lady froze. Now whether or not Colorado or Green River, for that matter, undergo these quick weather change events often, we do not know. But we do know thanks to this lady that a temperature cuts death and blood orders.

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It's essential to take a break because anytime you do blood cleanup, wet blood, moist blood, dry blood; you want to ensure that you're not working haphazardly. Have a plan, and a systematic approach helps get the job done more quickly and thoroughly. And besides, you don't want to smell that stuff any longer than necessary. So do wear a mask to help cut down on the odor, but a mask will not stop the odor unless you're wearing a full-face or half-face respirator with charcoal filters.

Mouth Protection --

The need for mouth protection seems less evident than need of eye protection. Just keep in mind that when blood and other liquids contaminated by blood splash, you went something out of your mouth. As Murphy's Law works in Los Angeles County, if and when blood and other blood swelled materials splashed on the blood cleanup practitioner's mouth, it will occur when the practitioner opens his or her mouth to say something.

Also necessary, most people tend to place their hands on their faces without thinking about it. And for those of us with a habit to touch our faces and mouth, we endanger ourselves. So mouth protection pays off.

Some people wear surgical masks; these cover the mouth and nose and these can be bought at most hardware stores. Some people ware respirators that called "half-face respirators" and "full-face respirators." Aphis respirators can be purchased online for about $25. They usually come with one set of filters. Either Norton or M3 should provide adequate protection. Buy these online or in a special Los Angeles County store.

Eye Protection - -

Eye protection for blood cleanup work is considered "protocol" because of the possibility of dry, flaky blood becoming airborne and contacting an eyeball, wet blood splashing in a water mix during blood cleanup, and for protection from caustic chemicals. We can not say enough about I protection. Not only blood threatens the eyes and injection of the bloodstream with viruses and bacteria s; the flying objects made airborne during a rigorous cleaning process cause threats to the eyes. Then there are cleaning solutions and liquid disinfectants that threaten the eyes.

Inexpensive, plastic glasses or goggles will usually serve the needs of a one-time blood cleanup activity.

Goggles are the most protective while they create the most discomfort and interference from moisture buildup. Once blood cleanup begins sweating soon follows, and goggles exacerbate sweating around the eyes. Eyeglasses are less protective but offer ventilation for the eyes. So it's a trade-off between the two. It depends on just how much protection we need.

Also, it's always essential to have a large bottle of freshwater available should chemicals reach the eyes. Immediate dilution of these chemicals by applying water directly to the eyes is necessary.

Paper Towels - -

We cannot overstate the usefulness of paper towels. They're very handy is an absorbent will absorb blood readily enough. If the intent is to observe blood still in its liquid state, then enough paper towels must be used. Pick up the blood soiled towels with a long-handled shovel or a large enough metal dustpan. Then the tales are placed in triple plastic construction bags. Then if needed, these bags can be placed in a red bag to signify their biohazardous condition.

Other than natural absorbent liquids, paper bags come in handy for soaking up cleaning solutions and disinfectants like bleach and alcohol. Then they can be wiped upon services that had already cleaned of the blood or OPIM. For light blood smears, paper towels would do the trick for removing the blood soiling. Whenever removing blood smears, though, it's important to remember to disinfect the area. In such cases, a light mist of rubbing alcohol sprayed from an alcohol bottle will do the trick. Buy these in many Los Angeles County stores.

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Scraping Implement - -

Use a sharp, flat tool like a long-handled shovel when the flat nose comes in handy to scrape dry blood from surfaces. Use it to remove baseboards, vinyl from floors, and for moving blood soiled objects without touching them. Easily cleaned and disinfected, a good scrape an object should be in every toolbox for blood cleanup. Buy these in Los Angeles County harware stores.

Scrub Pads - -

Use of scrub pads good quality cuts blood cleanup time in half when used properly with a reliable cleaning solution. Buy these at the hardware store as well as supermarket shelves.

Blood cleanup calls for patients while cleaning. And at no time should this be more clear than when using a cleaning pad as an abrasive to remove human blood from surfaces subject to damage from abrasive cleaning materials. Put another way, to course of a cleaning pad on the sensitive surface, will leave scratch marks. Work with patience while cleaning.

Different grades of cleaning pad can be bought at hardware stores and markets. The green pads often come in two different abrasive textures. Likewise, floor pads for floor maintenance have different harsh surfaces, with the black pad being the most abrasive. The black pad works well enough over large areas, but it does not absorb liquids to carry on to the area in need of scrubbing. The gray pad, also known as hogs there, will hold more liquid but does not offer the abrasive power the black pad. Red pads are also useful while they provide rough light energy. White pads are the least abrasive and of little use blood cleanup other than on sensitive surfaces.

Of value, scrub pads are usually made of some plastic and, therefore, resistant to the caustic nature of bleach and scouring powers. They work well on horizontal surfaces while they cannot find a cleaning solution on a vertical surface as for sponges, vertical surfaces. Sponges of course have little abrasive power. Buy these in many Los Angeles County stores.

Bleach - - Caution:

Always use caution when disinfecting blood soiled areas and objects with bleach. Bleach remains caustic on surfaces and materials. Clorox serves as the strongest over-the-counter disinfectant. Contamination of the eyes will create significant pain, which may last for days. Plus, the bleach may cause some vision loss if not thoroughly wash from the eyes. For this reason, anytime bleach is used on a blood cleanup saying, a source of fresh running water should be available just as a precaution.

No other substance available for families and businesses with the disinfecting power bleach is readily available. Exotic disinfectants cause problems of their own. So the question becomes, "do you want to use a disinfectant on a floor or other surface in which a toddler might come in the contact?".

Ventilation is key to using bleach. If using a strong solution of bleached, and an enclosed area without ventilation, temporary damage to the bronchial to can occur. This damage will result in coughing and wheezing for days. Possibly some lung damage can occur in severe cases. So it's best to increase ventilation when using bleach.

How much bleach should we use?

The Center for disease control recommends one part bleach to four parts water or, depending on how you look at it for blood cleanup work, does this mean 1 gallon of bleach per 4 gallons of water?

Sometimes I use straight bleach when I need to cut order quickly, I need to saturate a bloodsoaked fabric or surface, and I know I will remove it soon if I don't first dilute it with water. In any case, when the bleach leaves the bottle, its power is well represented by its strong fumes. There is little doubt that it's killing bacteria and probably viruses as well.

Because of its toxic nature, some institutions on the California coast do not allow for the use of bleach by janitorial staff. For example, Santa Monica College, California, does not allow its cleaning staff to bleach.

Using straight bleach in an enclosed area without adequate ventilation will result in short-term and possibly long-term damage to the esophagus and bronchial tubes. Will cause coughing and make breathing difficult while trying to sleep. So be sure you have plenty of ventilation and try not to use too much bleach. You may also want to use a fan to help ventilate rooms while working.

I prefer bleach to disinfect because it works very well on odors; It's inexpensive. Find it easily anywhere in markets and hardware store shelves. Bleach is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as well. The CDC recommends 20% bleach to 80% water. I go with much stronger solutions.

You can use bleach and water in a spray bottle to spray on walls as well as sinks and other areas — an excellent bleach and water solution for cleaning toilet seats as well.

During blood cleanup, it's good to have a bucket handy with a strong bleach and water solution for general cleaning, dwell time, and disinfection of large areas. Buy bleach in just about any Los Angeles County supermarket.

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Comet - -

Scouring powder is useful for scraping off odd found on nonporous surfaces like toilets, concrete floors, and vinyl floors. Comet is my preferred scouring powder because it has bleach and its contents. Sometimes I will pour comment into a black bag that contains bloodsoaked clothing, pillowcases, and other blood soil materials. The feedback will have an explosive effect as bleach reaches it in the liquid bleach interacts with the powdered comment scouring powder.

Of course, find it on supermarket shelves as well as hardware store shelves. It is easily stored and can be bought for a dollar or less and will do more than enough cleaning on anyone's job. Buy Los Angeles County in just about any Los Angeles County supermarket.

Hydrogen Peroxide - -

Buy hydrogen peroxide at local hardware stores as well as most supermarkets. When it comes to blood cleanup, it functions mostly in two ways. One, hydrogen peroxide, will highlight human blood if sprayed adequately upon the blood and OPIM. It also disinfects, but consider as a mild disinfectant when it comes to blood cleanup. Please do not count on it as a surfactant, a cleaning solution, for blood cleanup because planning soiled blood areas requires more than cutting a solution.

However, an adequate supply of hygiene peroxide on blood helps to begin saturating the blood with water because of the bubbly interaction between the hydrogen peroxide in the blood's protein. Blood has a cascading effect as it begins to dry when exposed to the air, and what this cascading effect does is cause many blood cells to adhere to one another. They are much like crazy glue in this sense. They also like placing turtle shells on top of one another. And this is what is meant by "cascading." It's hard to find a cascading material in nature like blood when found in a significant enough quantity.

When working on a blood cleanup scene where there are large quantities of dried blood upon the floor, I will place a significant amount of hydrogen peroxide on the dried blood. And I will go about my work in return later for cleaning. In this way, they dried Pottle becomes saturated by hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide bubbles help to left the blood cells from one another while seeping into the total mass. Dwell time cuts cleaning time. Buy it in just about any Los Angeles County supermarket.

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Rubbing Alcohol - -

Few products bring a sense of well-being to my cleaning experience when it comes to blood cleanup like typical rubbing alcohol. I usually buy small bottles of the lease concentrated rubbing alcohol. These are easily used and disposed of on the worksite. When it comes to blood cleanup, it's good to have a small bottle left open and left nearby in the corner of a floor to quickly find as needed. The container can remain uncapped so long as it's safe to work without the threat of an open flame. When left uncapped, it's easy enough to pick up the bottle and quickly douse the hand and arms with the right quantity of this substance. It brings relief to the mind base.

I usually complete blood cleanup work by up flying liberal amounts of rubbing alcohol to door handles, bathroom faucets, toilet seats, toilet bowls, and any other areas that human beings will be touching. Sometimes I pour alcohol upon floors, and I try to keep in mind that the alcohol will cause loss of floor wax as well as dark natural stone floors.

I know that overall, alcohol provides an excellent disinfectant for the short term when cleaning up because it used by hospitals around the world. As a fossil fuel product, it's the one fossil fuel product I can recommend in good faith. Buy it in just about any Los Angeles County supermarket.

. (return)

Simple Greens - -

Simple Green does work as a disinfectant as well as a cleaning solution, a "server can." It's easy to find in the marketplace. I find it on Home Depot's shelves as well as the shelves of Lowe's hardware stores. All the cost nine dollars a gallon, and mixes well with water for creating a dandy cleaning solution. Sometimes I use it straight when I know I'll be adding water to a floor as work progresses. Necessary too, use straight, simple green will help to cut orders, but cannot be counted on to remove odors in total. Buy it in just about any Los Angeles County supermarket or hardware store.

Long-Handled Flat Nose Shovel - -

I recommend the flat nose shovel because it will work as a useful tool for lifting blood-soaked paper towels. Recall that you'll be using a cleaning solution as well as water in the solution at times. So when you soak up this material with paper towels or anything else you choose as an absorbent, you want a reliable tool with a sturdy handle.

There are shovels with very short handles nd these are fine too. If you live in an area with snow, you may have a snow shovel. Snow shovels work well also, but there will be times you'll wish you had a long-handled shovel with a flat nose. Consider that you'll be using scrub pads on a floor. What will you use to push, pull, and rotate that pad if you don't have a flat nose shovel? Stay away from blood with long handles and protective clothing.

More though, a shovel will be appreciated because it will help place pressure on scrub pads; thereby, it causes more significant agitation to the surface substance upon the floor. Most Los Angeles County hardware stores carry such shovels.


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Large Metal Dust Pan - -

The two big reasons for using a large metal dustpan is that they are one, they are durable and will carry a large, heavy load of soaked materials. Two, they are easy to clean and disinfect. Noteworthy two, it's easy to keep track of a large metal dustpan on a worksite because of their size and color. Today they can be bought for less than $12 at Home Depot. In the past, they have cost as much as $24. Buy it in most Los Angeles County hardware stores.

Broom with stiff bristles - -

I generally do not use a broom for blood cleanup. Anytime I use a broom on a blood cleanup site it's too quickly sweep debris aside. Such debris can consist of anything like broken glass, dirt, and other solid waste. However, there are times when a stiff-bristled nylon brush with a long handle comes in handy.

Often a puddle of blood will dry out and become resistant to cleaning solution saturation. As a result, it's difficult to remove from surfaces. In such cases, a stiff nylon broom comes in handy to begin an abrasive approach to removing stock blood.

Usually, a straw brown would be the last choice for agitating dry, flaky human blood that had become difficult to remove. Two reasons for choosing a broom as the previous result are one, a broom is not useful when it comes to saving time for blood cleanup, and two, and broom cannot be said to have been disinfectant. Buy broom in just about any Los Angeles County hardware store and supermarket.

Thick Plastic Construction Bags - -

I use construction trash bags that are three mils thick. I buy these at Home Depot, and they are the most expensive trash bags. They are also the least likely to break under heavy load while remaining leak resistant. Sometimes I pour bleach into these bags after triple begging them. I've even had these bags become very warm following the addition of bleach to the contents vitamins well by human blood.

Whenever possible, I place human blood in a toilet. Human blood cannot stand up to the hostile environment created by sewage bacteria. Buy these bags in any Los Angeles County Home Depot.

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Below I list short blurbs related to blood cleanup issues. Perhaps helpful, I note some of the conditions upon which the California victim's compensation program becomes invoked following a personal crisis by individuals victimized by others in the state of California.

On Iwo Jima, United States Marines fell by the thousands as they fought to control this strategic island during World War II. Many survived because, for the first time in history, marines received whole blood to replenish blood loss from traumatic blood loss. It took a long time to reach this milestone in military medical history.

We might wonder, where did the whole blood transfusion begin?

The British Royal Society ran an experiment to show that successful blood transfusion could occur between two animals. The first occurrence of this proof took place on November 14, 1666. Under candlelight, two British experimenters opened the jugular veins of two dogs. One, a cocker spaniel, and the other, a mastiff. Researchers transferred the mastiff's blood to the cocker spaniel. Once completed, the mastiffs lay dead in the cocker spaniel showed signs of vitality and vigor.

Who is eligible for the California victim's compensation program? You might be surprised by the liberality of this program. Here's a list of those victims considered for financial help.

Reading down the list of victims entitled to consideration for financial help following victimization, including a wide range of people from any ethnic background. Among these victims, we find, first of all, victims of domestic violence. We know from blood cleanup calls in California that many victims of violence following internal quarrels and battering. In the case of some women, they find that they must run for their life is a male counterpart, which may be a husband for a live-in partner, chases them from room to room battering them as the combat continues. The victim then loses work may not be able to pay bills. We know that they need help with rent, food, and ensuring that the children have clothes, including shoes for school.

Most victims of child abuse anywhere in the state of California will receive consideration for financial aid. They will also consider related programs from social welfare agencies. We know that victims of child abuse sometimes require blood cleanup aid from professional blood cleanup practitioner companies. So it comes to finding a blood cleanup company anywhere in California,

Some victims of sexual assault, including those assaulted by politicians and billionaires Might do well to consider this program. For example, they may need psychological help to settle their nerves following a sexual attack by the president of the United States. Billionaires have their way in the world and are known to assault unsuspecting women sexually. After all, who's going to believe hotel made over against a room renting billionaire? In such cases of sexual assault were blood is spilled in the hotel room following a sexual assault, hotel owners cannot, I say again, can not expect compensation for blood cleanup company services.

We know that individual victims of elder abuse, including parents, may need to pay a professional blood cleanup practitioner like Eddie Evans for assistance. The program may help with these cleaning expenses. Call for more information.

Childrens victims of molestation behavior may receive aid, but not for blood cleanup assistance.
victims a homicides
victims of robbery
victims of hate crimes
victims related to drunk driving injuries
victims related to vehicular manslaughter
victims related to human trafficking into the United States and outword bound