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These days we know that Broward's suicide rates have climbed. We do not need a sociologist to prove it. Our good sense and observations tell us something unusual has started. More Broward families live on the street in their car; for those homeless families without cars, their just the public streets. Scorned by many of their more well to do brethren, these families must push on.

Meanwhile, we try to understand the growing threat of suicide among us; among us where we never before suspected, white males commit suicide at a rate of about 73 percent of Broward's suicides. Broward suicide cleanup efforts also reflect these numbers.

Below we find a short narrative about suicide in Alaska. Up there in the far northern state we find an increase in suicides among Alaskan teenagers. Oddly, sadly, their stark conditions allow us to more easily understand how suicides come about further south, as far south as Broward.

Sometimes learning about a subject requires going a bit adrift from a main thread. Here a detour to suicide in Alaska points to some solid information. A despair spiral among Alaskan juveniles points to increased despair as their society collapses and becomes embedded in the dominant anglo cultural mores and symbolism.

Anger, low self-esteem, depression, inability to express feelings, family structure problems, gangs, drugs, poverty, racism, hopelessness, tell us where youth suicides reside.

Consider the negative influence of commercial television on Alaska's indigenous people and their teens.

Once a society with a culture prizing individualism and sustainability, they now find consumerism and all of its many issues diminishing their own cultural values. For younger people without support at home for their school studies, there's little hope of ever doing well in school. Schools have rules and expectations. None of these fit the lives of those young children have come to value. Fitting into the dominant cultural paradigm spells problems beyond their ability to comprehend. Suicide becomes a viable option, in their minds.

Alcoholism plays a major role in the lives of these young suicide victims. In their homes and in their dealings with adults, alcohol models their future. Before the pre-contact Alaska's suicides were often carried out for the good of the community. "Dead wait" in the struggle for existence encumbered the survival prospects of families. Suicide showed an honorable remedy to an otherwise intractable social and individual problem.

Change came quickly as contact with Alaska lead to an annihilation of the old traditional Native ways. Like usual, the United States Congress tried to change the native people with legislation. Like the American Indians in general, and now the Amazonian Indians in particular, consumer society have come to get them. They don't like it. They've been boxed in and the only real way out leads to and through the individual. Without the skills, abilities, and knowledge needed in their future, they face an alienating existence. Their families do not have the wherewith all to coach their young through this transitional period. Hence, suicides increase.

Now this brings us back to finding causation in suicide. We may find what we're looking to find in the lives of these young Americans. We see how they've become boxed into a life they would rather not lead. We find similar situations with today's white males struggling with alcoholism, drug addiction, unemployment, divorce, old age, and a government teetering on the unknown. By no fault of their own, many of tomorrow's suicide victims will fall because they can no longer count on their government to present an acceptable and secure future.

It's a matter of falling prospects and crashing expectations. It's a matter of poor self-esteem and a loss of the will to punch through loneliness, homelessness, and more.

Florida Suicide Cleanup

A Broward suicide cleanup should be no different, emotionally, than suicide cleanup anywhere else. Suicide cleanup for a close relative take great will. It takes, time, patience, and a willingness to live with the consequences. For some people there's not much to these consequences. They get on with their lives and so be it. For others, a Broward suicide cleanup leads to some misgivings later on. Some people have dreams. Some people go through a trauma-like experience years later if they see their original suicide cleanup location.

We cannot know who walks through suicide cleanup without problems and who doesn't. For those with the funds, it's best to find a suicide cleanup company. For others, useful resource noted above help to get going. If there's no rush, good. If there's a rush, plan well in advance. Plan for every conceivable step.

Suicide cleanup demands planning for those who wish to carry it out as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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Eddie Evans, Crime Scene Cleanup Practitioner




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  • No, death odors from suicide and blood will not harm you, unless you lose your lunch. There are no known viruses of a sustainable number in odors or blood's fragrances. Again, odors from death and exposed blood does not cause disease or death. Odors arise from off gassing bacteria. Just like other human created odors, they do disperse given time and ventilation. For a Broward suicide, leave lights on and air conditioning on if possible.

suicide cleanup begins when the authorities end their investigation and release the death scene. Biohazard cleaners remove and clean areas soiled by the biohazards created by homicides, suicides, decompositions, and unattended deaths.

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